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must reads like the plot and rules are located here. the posts are numbered in order of importance, and it's recommended that you read them in that order. you're not required to read any of these must reads, but it'll become obvious if you haven't very early on. Trust me on this one.

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announcements are located here, including site events as well as the occasional poll for when the staff want member opinions on certain ideas. roll calls will also be located here, and members are expected to respond to them in a timely manner. Periodic site updates are likely, but not promised.

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Please post here if you have a question or a concern that merits public input. A staff member will get to it shortly. This board is guest friendly.

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staff swag levels are off the charts, so high that it needs to be isolated into one board. we sleep all day and party all night because we're just that cool.

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create or app your character here. all approved profiles will go in their respective sub-boards.

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members are encouraged to plot with members of their respective factions and take all personal plots to skype or over PM. PCs, trackers and shop logs are encouraged but not required; site-centric plots can be posted in either the main board or the plot pages sub-board.

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letters, text messaging, etc. any form of communication that's not face to face can be played out here.

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faction hq

a more in depth look at the different factions can be found here, including a list of the current rankings as well as faction-centric plots and missions. taking on missions is highly encouraged and often worth the effort. each side's commissary can also be found here.

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welcome to the pokemon world
kanto region

Kanto was the birthplace of Lux and to this day its strongest bastion. Lux is an industrial giant, and even nature itself has bent to their will. The land is their resource, the people man their factories, and the soldiers train for war. Life in Kanto is utopian to some. Lux provides jobs and housing. For good work, they're willing to reward vacations and bonuses. All that matters is that you follow their rules and obey their laws. The few Nox in Kanto know to hide their identities well; they are in dangerous waters, but they are in the heart of Lux, an ideal place to gather intel and for targeted sabotage.

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johto region

Lux rules Johto with an iron fist. They were once benevolent tyrants, sweeping into the region and welcomed by the masses. As the years passed, Johto found the Lux yoke unpleasant. They rose up in rebellion as an entire region, and Lux's rebuke was swift. They send their armies, their sentinels, their war machines, and now the people of Johto are either docile. They have learned their lesson: if they want their freedom, they will have to win it by cunning, not by force of arms. Meanwhile, Lux reigns supreme, but heavy is their crown.

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hoenn region

Though Lux controls most cities and ports in Hoenn, the local Nox know the lay of the land. This is their home, and they will protect it against these invading ideologues. Despite the burning resolve of Nox in the region though, there many locals that find Lux appealing, especially as the guerilla war tears through their homelands. Lux has more soldiers, more money, and more pokemon, but all that and more hasn't brought them even a taste of victory. For now, Lux does its best to live up to its promises of order and safety, while Nox struggles to reclaim their homes.

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sinnoh region

when lux first made waves in sinnoh, they were welcomed and mostly ignored. unfortunately, it didn't take long for early missteps and short tempers to give rise to nox. the two factions broke into open warfare early on, and sinnoh has seen the most devastating war in recent history. most cities are warzones, but lux controls the ruins of the west and the eastern coast, while nox sits strong in the far north. where both sides started with dreams of a better region, now there is only sense of futility, of unending violence. the fighting won't end. there is no promise of victory or peace, only another day of bloodshed.

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unova region

With its size, industry and bountiful resources, Unova is a region that proves to be a potentially ground-breaking asset to the side that gains control of it. At the moment, no moves have been made to claim any territories, both Nox and Lux waiting for the other to land the first strike. As tensions mount and questions of Unova's allegiances begin to circulate, the region's future shifts towards the inevitable clash that will decide its fate.

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the general ooc board, everything that doesn't need to be confined to more personal means of communication can go here. games, chatter, other non-forum sites, etc. as the board's name implies.

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memories + nostalgia all arranged in one board. separated into different sub-boards to prevent unnecessary clutter. If you want a character profile to be unarchived, PM one of the staff members.

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advertise, affiliate or both. double post and we'll just double post right back. any ads that stretch the board will be deleted - make sure to read the affiliation rules and post in the correct sub-board. guest friendly.

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